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We are currently considering the development of a mobile version (iOS/Android)

The battle between Junichi Kato and Junichi Kato begins now

The basics are easy, but the depth is deep

There are only three basic controls: jump, shoot, and dash. However, there are also many applied techniques such as double jumps and wall kicks. In addition to this, the various gimmicks and unique enemy characters that stand in your way make for a challenging action game!

An original story depicting the future

The story follows Junichi Kato after he reaches the top of the world. On December 31st, New Year’s Eve, Junichi is suddenly taken prisoner. The world of 200 years later and the true identity of the Katroid are revealed. Save the world with your friends!

From beginners to professional gamers

There are three difficulty levels, from easy for beginners to hard for advanced players. In the hard level for advanced players, all stages have been redesigned to hard specifications and the bosses have been strengthened!


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